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Blog: July 2013

Don't Overlook Air Line Maintenance

I have found during my career, as both a lubricant sales person and a lubrication specialist, that many manufacturing plants and maintenance shops overlook air line maintenance. Compressors are often serviced by outside contractors, but rarely does the maintenance contract cover the entire air system within the facility. Wet dirty compressed air and improper lubrication can rob the air system of useful power, cause rust and air leaks, and reduce the power and efficiency of air tools.

Choosing Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Oils

Choosing the hydraulic oil that best suits a fleet can be as confusing as selecting one sandwich from a take-out menu to feed 25 people, not an easy task as it has to fit the budget and satisfy many different tastes. This selection process has gotten progressively complicated over the past few years due to performance, service life, higher pressures, wet-brakes, OEM warranty, etc.