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Used Oil Analysis Ensures Industrial Lubricant Integrity

Today’s highly competitive marketplace poses unprecedented challenges for commercial and industrial users of petroleum products.  To help meet these challenges, PetroLiance is proud to offer our Medallion Plus Mentor fluid analysis services.  With Mentor as an integral part of your preventative maintenance program, you are better equipped to consistently achieve the high levels of operational efficiency demanded by your customers.

Our used oil analysis can detect equipment failures in progress to help identify the cause of the problem and prevent a catastrophic failure and avoid the cost of unexpected shutdowns.  By monitoring the condition of lubricants in your equipment our used oil analysis actually extends fluid serviceability and reduces disposal costs.

At PetroLiance® we will assist you in using our Mentor Fluid Analysis Program to:


Identify minor problems before they become failures. Mentor identifies dirt, wear particles and other contaminants that can cause catastrophic failure or significantly shorten equipment life.

Ensure lubricant integrity. Mentor guards against accidental “mixing” and can help you determine if the appropriate fluid has been chosen for a particular application.

Extend equipment life.  Mentor monitors system cleanliness and filtration efficiency allowing you to keep your equipment longer and significantly reduce replacement costs.

Maximize asset reliability.  Mentor ensures that units are up, running and making money.

PetroLiance® partnered with Polaris Laboratories to develop the new premium fluid testing program, which represents a significant improvement over analytical testing programs available through other vendors.  Find out how PetroLiance®’s used oil analysis can help you lower costs and improve efficiency.