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High Quality Commercial Vehicle Lubricants Decrease Cost per Hour

Commercial Vehicle LubricantsAny experienced Equipment Manager or Vice President of Operations will tell you how important choosing the proper lubricants for their off-road commercial vehicles is to keeping equipment cost per hour and total cost of ownership down.  Managing the right commercial vehicle lubricant for each vehicle and every piece of equipment is a full time job.


That’s why PetroLiance® makes it easy with customized equipment reports filled with fuel, lubricants, coolant and pertinent maintenance information.  PetroLiance® has spent more than 50 years committed to improving our customers’ profitability with a number of products and services developed specifically for off-highway equipment.

Whether you’re the equipment manager in the construction industry or the VP of Operations in the mining industry, when your off-road commercial vehicle is in a PetroLiance® program our engineering services include:

  • Hydraulic system leak detection
  • Air leak detection
  • Heat surveys ( thermographic or IR heat gun)
  • Gearbox inspections
  • Root cause failure mode analysis
  • Grease system testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Optimum drain interval services
  • Troubleshooting (component failure)
  • Regulatory and environmental consultative service

Call PetroLiance® today at 877-738-7699 to find out more about our proven solutions for your off-road equipment and receive a personalized consultation from one of our lubrication experts or fill out a contact request and one a PetroLiance® expert will get in touch with you.

PetroLiance® supplies Mobil Delvac and the complete line of Mobil branded premium products for off-highway commercial vehicles including:

Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40
Mobil Delvac MX Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40
Mobil Fleet 15W-40
Mobil 1600 Series Engine Oils Mobil Delvac 1630, 1640, and 1650
Mobil Hydraulic 10W