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UV Technology Reduces Hydraulic Fluid Costs

Gear Manufacturer Utilizes UV Technology to Reduce Hydraulic Fluid Costs

Background: An Illinois company manufactures high-performance cams and gears.  A critical production unit, the Mitsubishi GD 20 CNC Gear Hobber, was experiencing a high rate of hydraulic fluid leakage.  Maintenance inspections had failed to identify the source of the leakage.

PetroLiance ​Solution: The company’s maintenance staff worked with PetroLiance Territory Sales Manager and Oil Specialist, Tim O’Malley, to conduct an ultra-violet leak detection service to determine the exact source of the leakage.

UV Leak Detection Helped Reduce Waste and Eliminate Cross-Contamination

When exposed to UV light, the dyed hydraulic fluid clearly showed a large leak in one of the vertical hydraulic actuators. Repairs on this unit have reduced annual hydraulic fluid consumption by $1,100 per year.  Additionally, cutting oil performance will be greatly improved by eliminating the cross-contamination.