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Consolidate Lubricants for Large Fleet of Construction Equipment

Midwest Contractor Takes Control of Fleet Maintenance Utilizing Services Delivered by PetroLiance

Background: A Midwestern contracting company manages a large fleet of construction equipment, paving machinery, on-highway trucks, stationary asphalt and aggregate processing plants.  Identifying the proper lubricant for each piece of equipment was confusing and expensive. The company’s objective was to consolidate products, eliminate the possibility of misapplication, and establish a program to extend lubricant life.

PetroLiance Solution: Working with Josh Amherdt and Greg Wyatt of PetroLiance LLC, the company’s Fleet Supervisor converted all fuel and lubricants to PetroLiance and Mobil.  PetroLiance charted each unit and component, specifying the appropriate lubricant and drain interval based on the application and service duty. 

Consolidated Lubricants from 31 to 17

In the Fleet Supervisor’s words: “Since I switched to PetroLiance in 2011, I have experienced an increased level of service and trust. PetroLiance consolidated my lubricants from 31 to 17. PetroLiance’s knowledge of lubricants and applications for my 456 pieces of equipment is second to none.  They professionally charted each piece of equipment for immediate reference. They have provided fuel storage and data collection technology which has always alluded our company.  I simply cannot place a monetary value on these efforts. PetroLiance’s service is outstanding and I would highly recommend them!”