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More Efficient Cutting Oils Reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Manufacturer Achieves 18-month TCO Reduction of $23,000 by Converting to Medallion Plus Cutting Oils
Cutting oil purchasing costs increased sharply during the period June 2005 – June 2006.  With further increases expected in the second half of 2006, customer asked PetroLiance for options to reduce future cutting oil costs.
PetroLiance Solution
Neil Hasson, Certified Lubrication Engineer at PetroLiance, recommended conversion to Medallion Plus NS 300 and HD 1300, two cutting oils designed by PetroLiance to provide superior metalworking performance at economical prices. Testing was completed on a variety of machines in each department.
Manufacturer Reduces Cutting Oil Expenses by $23,000
Production testing proved the Medallion Plus cutting oils equal or superior to the previous brand.  In some cases, NS 300 successfully made 316 SS parts that were previously manufactured using substantial additions of active spike oil.  The scre manufacturer saved $23,000 in reduced purchasing expense for cutting oil.
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