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Extending Oil Drain Intervals

Extending Oil Drain Intervals Saves Trucking Company $15,400 /year
Background: A mid-west trucking company had been experimenting with extended drain intervals on their fleet of local and OTR Class 8 trucks.
PetroLiance Solution: The lubrication specialists at PetroLiance designed a comprehensive test to evaluate the ability for Mobil Delvac Elite 15W40 to permit extended service intervals.
Mobil Delvac Elite Permits up to 48,000 Miles in Service Saving $15,400 Annually
Extensive testing by lubrication specialists showed that Mobil Delvac Elite permits up to 48,000 miles in service – and trucks started more easily in winter conditions! The product switch saved the company over $15,000 annually for their truck fleet of 57 vehicles.
For more information about extended oil drain recommendations offered by PetroLiance, visit our Extended Oil Drain Recommendations page or contact us at 877-738-7699.