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Manufacturer Improves Productivity and Reduces Coolant-Related Costs

Midwest Manufacturer Reduces Coolant-Related Costs by Converting to Hocut 795 Metalworking Coolant

A major Midwestern valve manufacturer previously used a chlorinated cutting oil for reaming and tapping steel forgings.  Oil consumption was high, the working area was slick, and disposal fees were expensive.  In the lathes and machining centers, the manufacturer employed a semi-synthetic coolant for various machining operations on cast iron and steel castings and forgings. The coolant was often rancid within 3 months, coolant nozzles had to be unplugged daily, and machine components froze from the accumulated coolant residue.

PetroLiance Solution
Working with Oil Specialist, Tim O’Malley of PetroLiance, the manufacturer converted all equipment to Houghton Hocut 795 metalworking coolant, one of the high performing products used by PetroLiance certified lubrication specialists. 

Converting to Hocut 795 Eliminated Expenses, Improved Safety & Performance
This conversion immediately eliminated the high expense associated with the cutting oil and improved safety conditions in the tapping cell.  In the machining centers, even after two years of continuous service, the Hocut 795 keeps machines clean, eliminates odors and frequent change-outs, and consistently produces excellent machining performance.

In the customer’s words: “We just don’t have the problems we used to have with our coolant.” 

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