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Reduced Hydraulic Fluid Consumption by 8,000 Gallons Per Year

PetroLiance Helps Manufacturer to Reduce Hydraulic Fluid Consumption by 8,000 Gallons Per Year

Background: Several critical production machines had persistent high volume hydraulic fluid leaks whose source could not be located.

PetroLiance Solution: PetroLiance Representative, Michael Gluntz,  conducted an ultra-violet leak detection service to identify the source of the leakage.

Fluid Leak Detection Identified and Helped Reduce Hydraulic Fluid Leakage by 26 Gallons Per Day
Major fluid leaks were identified on a Hydromat rotary transfer machine and the PuckMaster unit. Corrective maintenance activity largely eliminated the leakage on these units. Hydromat leakage was reduced by 11 gallons per day and the PuckMaster leakage by 15 gallons per day.  By utilizing this service, this manufacturing company has reduced hydraulic fluid consumption on these units by approximately 8,000 gallons per year.

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