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Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program Saves Manufacturer over $5,000

Rubber Manufacturer Saves $5,280 by Establishing Preventive Maintenance Program

Background: Under the advice of lubrication engineers at PetroLiance, a Mid-Atlantic rubber manufacturer made the transition from a reactive to a preventive maintenance program.

PetroLiance Solution: PetroLiance TSM, Lora Bohon, proposed a complete plant survey to ensure the use of correct industrial lubricants while taking maximum advantage of extended-service lubricants. The proposal included the labeling of lubrication points, training of maintenance personnel, and establishing a used oil analysis program.  

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program Saves Manufacturer over $5,000

A Comprehensive Plant Survey was conducted and all lube points were identified and labeled. Products were consolidated using Mobil DTE 20 series and Mobilgear 600 XP series oils. Maintenance personnel were trained on Fundamentals of Lubrication and a sampling program was developed to assure suitability for continued use Savings: Signum oil analysis indicated the oils in major components, using Mobil DTE 20 and Mobilgear 600 XP series, to be within acceptable range for extended service. Maintenance savings resulting from the program: $5,280.


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