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Training Improves Productivity of Building Products Company

Training improves the productivity of building products company, productivity increased by $6,750

 Background: Recently a Mid-Atlantic building products company requested the assistance of PetroLiance in helping to improve the technical knowledge and capabilities of lube and maintenance technicians

PetroLiance Solution: The PetroLiance Team,  Account Manager, Mark Isgette, and Lubrication Specialist J.B. Bacon, conducted a 5-hour technical training seminar.  The seminar covered a wide range of topics relating to lubrication and equipment maintenance including lubrication fundamentals, contamination control, and product/application training specific to the company’s plant.

Productivity Improvement at 1.5% of Annual Salary Increased Productivity by $6,750 

With the information and knowledge acquired at the lubrication training seminar, lube and maintenance technicians are now better able to:

  • Implement the plant preventive maintenance program
  • Solve common lubricant issues quickly 
  • Prevent downtime from lube contamination or misapplication                        

 Relevant and effective technical training is known to improve worker productivity.  Plant Engineering Magazine estimates the productivity improvement at 1.5% of the worker’s annual salary.  With 10 employees attending the seminars, the estimate of increased productivity for customer is $6,750.