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Lubrication Training Improves Productivity at Major Mining Operation

Mining Operation Trains With PetroLiance and ExxonMobil

Background: A major mining operation in the Mid Atlantic requested the assistance of PetroLiance and ExxonMobil in helping to improve the technical knowledge and capabilities of lube and maintenance technicians.

PetroLiance Solution: The PetroLiance Account Manager, Lora Bohon-Hawkins, with technical support from the ExxonMobil Lubrication Engineer, Mike Galloway, conducted four 2-hour technical lubrication training seminars.  The seminars covered a wide range of topics relating to lubrication and equipment maintenance.

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program Saves Manufacturer over $5,000

With the information and knowledge acquired at the seminar, lube and maintenance technicians are now better able to:

  • implement the plant preventive maintenance program
  • solve common lubricant issues quickly
  • prevent downtime from lube contamination or misapplication

Relevant and effective technical training is known to improve worker productivity.  Plant Engineering Magazine estimates the productivity improvement at 1.5% of the worker’s annual salary. With 43 employees attending the seminars, the estimate of increased productivity for customer is $25,800. 

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