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Injection Molding Machine Increases Production

Plastics Manufacturer Increases Production by $ 9,680.00
Background: A plastics manufacturer had a #1 Sandretto 325 Ton injection molding machine that was overheating, tripping an alarm, and shutting off  at 123ºF every two hours. This required fifteen minutes to cool off before resuming short-cycle- time production.
PetroLiance Solution: The new production supervisor came to the plastics manufacturer with a long history in the injection molding business and he knew that Mobil DTE 25, with it’s keep clean performance, would solve this costly problem. The company drained the old oil and filled the machine with Mobil DTE 25 from PetroLiance.
With Mobile DTE 25, Injection Molding Machine Running 24 Hours - Increasing Production and Saving $9,680
The machine hit a low operating temperature of 115ºF and now is running at 118ºF with no high temperature alarm and no lost production. Due to the fact that the machine runs 24 hours, a SAVINGS of $ 9,680.00 is obtained through increased production per year.
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