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Re-Blended Cutting Oil Reduces Waste and Improves Efficiencies

Manufacturing Company Realizes $45,000 Annual Savings Through PetroLiance Reclamation Program

Background: A Mid-West manufacturer was generating 2000 gallons of used dual-purpose cutting oil each month. This oil had been used “once through” and was still suitable for use when recovered in the chip spinner. The used oil was being discarded due to insufficient bulk storage at the facility and a low level of active sulfur contamination acquired in the plant bulk oil system.

PetroLiance Solution: In coordination with the manufacturer’s engineers and Neil Hasson, Senior Engineer for PetroLiance, Peter Freeman, the Account Manager, conceived the idea to blend this waste stream with virgin, active cutting oil to create a usable heavy-duty product for other plant operations.

Before confirming this recommendation and formally presenting it to management, exhaustive testing was performed  to check for compatibility, performance and overall viability. The results were conclusive enough to proceed with the recommendation to initiate the program to pick-up, re-blend and prolong the use of this previously wasted product.

Re-Blended Cutting Oil Reduces Waste and Improves Efficiencies
This re-blended product has been in use since March of 2007 and is currently being used successfully on 316 stainless steel in Hydromat, New Britian, Acme Gridley and Schutte multi-spindle screw machines. Not only did PetroLiance eliminate a previous waste stream, we created a low cost efficient cutting oil and have reduced costs by over $45,000 per year. 

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