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Reduction in Machinery Downtime and Oil Usage Yields Major Savings

Reduction in stamping press downtime and gear oil consumption leads to annual purchasing savings

Background: Mid-west stamping operation was experiencing frequent downtime on 7 critical stamping presses due to port plugging in the lube distribution blocks. The production engineer and maintenance supervisor contacted Neil Hasson of PetroLiance LLC requesting an investigation and recommendations for correcting the problem. Initial discussions indicated the most likely source of the waxy material plugging the ports was unstable additive content and debris in the current supplier’s EP-150 gear oil. Similar material was found at the bottom of the gear oil bulk storage totes.

PetroLiance Solution: PetroLiance recommended a thorough flushing of the lube systems with Exxon System Cleaner followed by filtered deliveries of Mobil Spartan EP 150 gear oil. A new 300-gallon steel bulk tank was installed with etank monitor. Each press was entered into the Signum oil analysis program to document baseline conditions and monitor ongoing oil and equipment trends.

Stamping Operation and PetroLiance LLC achieve 75% reduction in stamping press downtime while reducing gear oil consumption by 39%, an annual purchasing savings of $8,400

Stamping press downtime due to lube system failures has been reduced by 75%. Filter life has improved on 6 of the 7 presses. Lube consumption has declined by 39%, an annual savings of $8,400.