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New Product Improves Customer Relations and Profit

PetroLiance Lubrication Specialist Recommends New Rust Preventative

Background: A major drill bit manufacturer in the Mid Atlantic was receiving customer complaints about oil-soaked packaging. One of their employees was familiar with Quaker Chemical Corporation’s Ferrocote rust preventive line and called PetroLiance to discuss their problem.

PetroLiance Solution: PetroLiance, LLC and Quaker Chemical Corporation worked together to provide a product-based solution, selecting a lighter product with the same corrosion protection. Through humidity cabinet testing and field-based trials, the Ferrocote 5856 BF T1 was shown to protect the drill bits as well as the heavier product with less product cling on the parts.

Switching to Quaker Ferrocote 5856 BF T1 rust preventive helps a major drill bit manufacturer improve customer relations and create an annual savings of over $9,500 per year!

The switch to Quaker Ferrocote 5856 BF T1 has provided improved packaging, with a 30% reduction in usage and a 15% reduction in costly oil-absorbing matting used in the packaging department. Savings: Based on the costs associated with the 30% reduction in product purchases ($7,260) and the 15% reduction in absorbent costs ($2,340), the annualized total savings is over $9,500 per year PLUS happier customers!