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Truck Fleet Switches to Biodiesel Blend

Illinois Truck Fleet Switches to Biodiesel Blend, Reduces Operating Expenses by $4,200

Background: An Illinois trucking company operates a fleet of 113 tractors and 130 trailers with refrigeration units that burn approximately 40,000 gallons of fuel per year.  With the cost of fuel and other expenses skyrocketing, the company was looking for areas within their operation to lower costs

PetroLiance Solution: Working with Patrick Ninneman from PetroLiance LLC, the company switched fuel to B11 during the non-winter months. B11 consists of 11% biodiesel and 89% ultra-low-sulfur diesel. 

For end-users/purchasers in the state of Illinois, there is a tax incentive for B11, eliminating the 6.25% sales tax.  For the company, that represents sales tax savings of 6.25% versus straight diesel.

As a result, the company will save approximately $4,200 annually and meet their sustainability objectives.