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UV Leak Detection Services Saves $13,000 in Critical Leaks

Screw Machine Manufacturer Locates Several Critical Leaks through use of UV Leak Detection Service
Customer was losing 15 – 20 gallons per day of hydraulic oil in two separate Hydromat machining centers, causing degradation of cutting oil and waste of hydraulic fluid.
PetroLiance Solution
The Operations Manager contacted Peter Freeman, TSM for PetroLiance,  and inquired about possible solutions. Peter Freeman suggested the PetroLiance ultra-violet leak detection service to identify the sources of the leakage.
Ultra-Violet Leak Detection Identifies 10 Leakage Locations
PetroLiance technical personnel carefully inspected all fittings, lines and pumps and discovered over ten (10) leakage locations. The entire process took less than 2 hours. Specific leaks were found on lipseals, spindles, chip-breaker valves, and powerpacks. Knowing exact leak locations saved thousands of dollars in “guesswork” maintenance and eliminated unnecessary purchasing expense for wasted oil.
For more information about the oil leak detection services offered by PetroLiance, visit our Oil and Fluid Leak Detection Services page or contact us at 877-738-7699.