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PetroLiance: Lubrication Systems for Construction & Mining Equipment

Up-Time is money.   
Construction and mining is all about production.  And production requires equipment up-time. Equipment managers must optimize equipment availability, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve peak performance.  Meeting all of these objectives requires a comprehensive maintenance program customized for the equipment used and type of service.  Lubrication is the foundation for building such a program.
Industry leaders have relied on the Mobil Delvac Program to move their operations to the highest level.  Our proven approach to lubrication is designed to lower the total cost of operation.  We work closely with customers and leading equipment builders for unique insights into new technology and lubrication requirements which allow us to develop custom programs designed to make your business more productive and more profitable.
Increase your company’s productivity, enhance equipment reliability, and lower total cost of ownership with a comprehensive lubrication program designed by PetroLiance and Mobil.
In addition, for applications requiring a more competitive price point, PetroLiance had developed a proprietary line of lubricants designed to meet the most demanding applications under the Medallion Plus brand.  And for those companies with corporate sustainability goals, our Medallion Plus Horizon brand offers similar performance using re-refined base oils.