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eTank wireless tank monitoring systems

  1. Real time inventory levels – Bulk tank inventory levels available to you any time you like online, without needing to leave your office.
  1. Inventory checked every day, week or month – No need for you or an associate to stick or visually check tank levels.  The monitor checks it one or more times per day, per week or per month according to your requirements.
  1. Wireless cellular technology – Can be used in tanks at remote or difficult to access locations.  No electrical wires or need for dedicated phone lines (digital or analog).
  1. Automatic order placement – Automatically generates replenishment orders.  No need to make a phone call or order on line.  Frees up your time!
  1. Maximize inventory turns & minimize inventory investment – Reorder point is set to make sure orders are not placed and deliveries not made until they are needed.
  1. Inventory run outs and costly emergency orders are eliminated – Reorder points are set so that run outs are eliminated thereby eliminating fees associated with emergency or weekend orders and deliveries.
  1. Installs in minutes – PetroLiance associates will install and initiate the monitors with minimal if any disruption to your business and show you how to use the monitoring system.
  1. No Charge to you! – Monitor(s), training and once a day monitoring are provided at no charge to you!!  More than once a day monitoring or damage to equipment are not included.


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