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PetroLiance First Annual Truck Rodeo


PetroLiance Truck

Our primary focus at PetroLiance is making significant, sustainable, improvements in Safety and Product Integrity performance. In line with supporting these initiatives, we held the 1st Annual PetroLiance Truck Rodeo.

The challenge started out with regional events at each location and ended up with four finalists who competed in Elgin, IL for the Championship trophy. The finals consisted of a written test that was much more challenging than the original regional test, an obstacle course driving test that required the drivers to GET OUT AND LOOK (G.O.A.L),a product integrity challenge and a driving simulator challenge that was conducted by our insurance carrier, Energi. While PetroLiance is very proud of the talent and quality of all of our drivers, this event featured our top four performers from around the country.

There were several twists in the challenge, such as intentionally loading incorrect products to see if the drivers would catch it. Everyone performed admirably, and represented our organization very well.

PetroLiance is proud to announce our 1st Truck Rodeo winner.... Horst Massier!

PetroLiance Truck Rodeo Winner Horst Massier









Pictured here from left to right: Sean Largent, Director of Operations & Safety; Horst Massier, Winner of the 1st Annual PetroLiance Truck Rodeo; Kevin McCarter, Chief Executive Officer


To read more about our approach to sustainable business practices, read our Sustainability page.