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Food & Beverage Lubricant Solutions from PetroLiance

Protect your consumer – and your business.

Operating a food or beverage processing plant can be particularly challenging.  You must not only meet productivity goals but also protect your products from the possibility of food contamination.  This includes contamination from lubricating oils and greases.  Many food processing applications require NSF H1 lubricants where incidental contact may occur.  But surprisingly many lubricants used in the food and beverage industry are not registered.   
Because of new technology, today’s food grade lubricants outperform many of the traditional non-food grade lubricant products.  You no longer have to sacrifice superior equipment protection for the ultimate food safety.
PetroLiance offers a full suite of products and services designed to build a custom food-grade lubrication program to increase productivity and enhance equipment reliability using food grade lubricant products.  PetroLiance represents the premier manufacturers of food grade lubricants – Jax and Mobil.  These food grade lubricant manufacturers have developed unique products designed to operate at the highest efficiency under all operating conditions – such as heat, cold, and moisture.
Mobil and Jax products are supported by global builder approvals and proven field performance.  These products are serviced by a trained staff of sales representatives and field engineers.  Our food manufacturing industry expertise ensures your equipment will receive the proper lubrication to meet your business goals – and protect your consumer.
Increase your plant’s productivity, enhance equipment reliability, ensure food safety, and lower total cost of ownership with a comprehensive lubrication program designed by PetroLiance.
Partnering with PetroLiance means you’ll always have the support you need:
  • PetroLiance Sales Representatives and Technical Support Staff – On-site guidance for product application, technical support, equipment troubleshooting, system inspections, and proactive monitoring to ensure you maximize the benefits from our products and services.
  • Manufacturer Technical Support – Engineers from Mobil and Jax are available by phone or online to provide assistance and advice for your facility
  • Manufacturer Field Engineering Services – Professional advice on sound lubrication practices and optimizing lubricant performances (consult PetroLiance for availability in your area).
  • Oil Analysis programs – Monitor lubricant and equipment condition to increase equipment life and reduce maintenance cost.