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Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
Diatomaceous earth products are highly porous, multi-purpose absorbents developed for the quick and easy clean up of liquid spills. These high quality products deliver 50% more absorbency per pound than regular clay products and are effective for use on oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, solvents and water.
Granular Clay Absorbents are made from high quality absorbent minerals and can be used on oils, coolants, grease, water and other liquid spills. These absorbents are not to be used with turpentine or vegetable oil.


White - Bonded
Our White bonded pads provide superior performance over traditional ‘meltblown’ products.  A sonic bonding process enhances the traditional polypropylene fibers resulting in added strength and reduced linting.  Ideal for spill clean up, under leaking equipment, areas where there is over- spray, leaks, and drips.
White – Bonded pads will repel water while absorbing petroleum based fluids. Ideal for automotive, marine, or industrial plant applications
Grey - Bonded
Grey bonded pads will absorb water in addition to petroleum based fluids.  They can be used on water, grease, oil, coolants, acids, bases, and more.  Grey bonded pads undergo the same manufacturing process as the White bonded pads, resulting in a stronger, lint free product.  Designed for a variety of universal clean up needs including spills, placed under leaking equipment, and areas where there is over- spray, leaks, and drips.

Spill Kits

Spill Kits have all the tools needed for emergency cleanup of any petroleum fluid leak or spill.  The kit contains a variety of sorbent pads and socks, a bag for disposal, and a pair of gloves.  Our Spill Kits come in a pail for easy handling which can be used to collect and transport used material.