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Fuel Programs and Services

Fuel Factor
Fuel Factor is an advanced, computerized fuel tracking service that provides clients with detailed fuel consumption information for each individual piece of equipment.   PetroLiance will barcode your assets and, using state of the art hand-held technology, our drivers will capture the exact gallons and costs that go into every one of your assets each time it is refueled.  Retrieving the data is simple using a secure log-in on our website.  A variety of reports can be run that allow you to analyze your fleet’s fuel consumption, cost, and efficiency.
Equipment Programs
PetroLiance offers a full line of fuel tanks, pumps and accessories to its customers. Whether you need a 500 gallon skid tank for a temporary job site or a permanently installed above ground or below ground tank, you can count on us to provide the right equipment and guidance when you need it.  We are also very familiar with state, local and federal rules pertaining to fuel storage.
We will customize a program for your business that makes equipment purchases, loans or rentals easy and affordable. PetroLiance also is staffed to maintain this equipment as well, so down time is not an issue.
Hurricane Program
If you’re concerned about keeping your fuel powered equipment running during a potential hurricane, you may want to consider PetroLiance’s Hurricane Equipment Rental Offer (HERO).  It’s inexpensive insurance for your business!
Key Components of the Program:
  • Rented (UL rated) dual wall storage tank for your generators or fleet
  • 12 volt dispensing pump with hose and nozzle
  • Equipment delivered and set up on your site prior to storm season and picked up after the season
  • Fuel is pre-treated to withstand long term storage at high temperatures, so it’s ready when needed