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Fuel is a critical component of your operation. It can also be one of the biggest challenges to manage:
  • Cost - typically the second highest cost item (after personnel) in your budget
  • Price Volatility – can have a profound impact on cash flow and profitability
  • Supply-  Insuring your company has adequate fuel supply whether in the yard, at a job site, or on the road
  • Product quality – clean, high performance fuel is critical for today’s high pressure injection systems.  Fuels also need to be properly formulated to meet local weather conditions.
  • Fuel Storage and Dispensing Equipment – having the proper equipment, meeting local and state codes, in good operating condition.  Monitoring tank condition and preventing water or sludge to accumulate in tank bottoms.
  • Environmental compliance - Preventing an environmental incident starts with being prepared.  This includes having the right equipment, procedures, and training.
Few companies have the resources and expertise to manage this complex resource.  In fact, this can be so overwhelming, many companies settle for suppliers that perform adequately on the delivery / supply component – but offer little else.  You don’t have to.
PetroLiance works with customers to manage their fuel programs.   Before recommending any products or programs, we listen to understand your business goals and objectives.  We learn how you operate, calculate your total costs for fueling, track your fuel consumption and equipment use, and the impact on your bottom line.  Based on our professional expertise, PetroLiance will recommend the proper tools and technology to allow you to take control of your fuel spend – turning an expense into a competitive advantage.
PetroLiance currently serves fuel customers in Illinois (from our Genoa, Elgin and McHenry locations) and South Florida (from our Miami and Palm City locations).