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Industrial Cleaning Products

PetroLiance offers a variety of cleaners and solvents for virtually every application and environment.
SpectraClean Lightning Red is an alkaline based general purpose biodegradable cleaner that is highly effective for cleaning floors and degreasing equipment in an industrial setting.   This liquid soap is highly concentrated and water-soluble and offers a high foaming cleaning action.  Lightning Red is non-streaking removes road film, soil, grime and grease from trucks without affecting painted surfaces. 
SpectraClean Thunder Purple is a alkaline based, industrial grade biodegradable cleaner and degreaser that contains powerful detergents, emulsifiers and penetrants. This low to medium foaming product penetrates dirt, oils, greases, and carbonized matter. Soils rinse away without re-depositing onto the clean surface.  Thunder Purple can be used to clean equipment and floors.
ProClean Transportation Cleaner is a biodegradable, liquid cleaner designed to remove road film, soil and grease from cars, trucks, buses, trailers and trains. It can be used through a pressure washer, steam cleaner, self-service car wash, automatic car wash system or a bucket and brush. It leaves no spots on glass surfaces.
Medallion Plus Solvent 142 is a high flash mineral spirits (Stoddard Solvent) designed for parts washing and general industrial cleaning and degreasing.  Solvent 142 is designed to be fast drying with lower odor than typical mineral spirit solvents.  With a flash point over 140F, it is much safer and simpler to dispose of compared to lower flash, volatile solvents.