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Industrial Filters

“Any time a machine or component does not achieve maximum service life, a failure has occurred.”
Recent studies indicate that 80% of equipment failures are due to oil contamination.  Primary contaminates are water and particulates.  Oil contaminated by 1000 ppm of water can reduce bearing life by 75% due to rust, corrosion, oil oxidation, and additive depletion.  Increasing fluid cleanliness by one ISO code can increase component life in hydraulic systems by 50%.
Contamination can be introduced into equipment from a variety of sources:
  • The lubricant manufacturing process may introduce particulates from raw materials or manufacturing equipment.
  • Storage and handling of lubricants 
  • Machine reservoirs may contain dirt, fines, casting sand, fibers from rags, or paint chips.
  • Particles can enter thru worn seals, vents, fill caps, or breathers.
  • Contamination can occur when equipment is serviced or replaced.
  • Abrasive metallic wear can lead to contamination
Shorter equipment life leads to higher costs for replacement parts, labor, and downtime.
Protect your equipment investment and your productivity with proper filtration.  PetroLiance’s Contamination Control Program will advise companies in selecting appropriate cleanliness targets, assessing filtration efficiency, monitoring fluid cleanliness, and implementing effective strategies for in-plant filtration services and bulk oil recycling.  PetroLiance markets a full line of Donaldson industrial and hydraulic filters for the protection of machinery and components in hundreds of applications. 
Improved fluid maintenance means fewer unexpected equipment failures, reliable production, lower purchasing cost for new oil, and reduced environmental impact from used oil disposal.