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Oil and Fluid Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection:

Leaking oil is a real problem, even in the modern manufacturing environment. It represents higher production cost, wasted resources, unnecessary disposal, and increased risk to the environment. Unfortunately, many manufacturing concerns do not have sufficient manpower or on-site technologies for the efficient identification and correction of machine leaks.

PetroLiance helps manufacturers to identify fluid leaks and take immediate corrective measures. Utilizing ultra-violet leak detection technologies, our specialists can rapidly locate equipment leaks. Photographic documentation and recommendations for corrective action complete the service.
In many cases, thousands of dollars can be saved simply by tightening a fitting or replacing a worn seal. By clearly documenting the leaks having the greatest adverse impact on plant operations, maintenance managers can direct their limited resources to those areas of greatest concern. Reducing waste from leaked oil is an achievable and worthwhile goal for any plant desiring to improve productivity and lower its environmental impact.
To learn more about how leak detection services can benefit your operations, read our PetroLiance case studies: