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Oil Purification and Recycling

It makes no sense to throw away good oil. In many cases, contaminated fluids can be reclaimed for continued use or diverted to less critical applications. It is especially important to avoid the unnecessary expense and environmental consequences of routinely disposing of large quantities of contaminated lubricating oils. Nevertheless, reclamation can be expensive and the risk to expensive equipment must be minimized.

Our technical services personnel can assist you in implementing a plant-wide program that ensures the most productive use of plant lubricants. Using the right oils, controlling leakage, and avoiding cross-contamination of waste streams are all critical factors in effectively recycling oils. Where on-site purification is appropriate, our specialists will recommend contract services and coordinate procedures and activities to produce acceptable reclaimed oil at the lowest-possible expense. In appropriate situations, we may be able to recommend in-plant processes to routinely reclaim oil and reduce the volume of waste fluids.

Efficiency demands the effective use of non-renewable resources. Sustainability requires operating efficiency and waste minimization for good stewardship of the environment. Our technical expertise in recommending and implementing effective reclamation and waste-minimization strategies can be valuable contributors to plant objectives in these critical areas.