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PetroLiance® — Oil Distributors with a Customer-Driven Strategy

Today's rapidly changing fuel products and industrial lubricants markets pose unprecedented challenges - and offer unprecedented opportunities. That's where PetroLiance®, a leader among fuel and oil distributors, comes in.

PetroLiance® was founded to anticipate and respond to the fundamental changes that are occurring in the diesel fuels industry, by implementing an innovative new approach to the distribution of petroleum products and marketing. The ultimate outcome of this endeavor will be improved operations, a higher level of service and responsiveness and, above all, greater profitability for our customers. We strive to be the best lubricants distributor in the world.
Our goal is to create a new type of distribution organization among fuel and Mobil distributors - one that is truly customer-driven, rather than product driven.
The four founding lubricants distributor partners of PetroLiance® LLC are recognized nationwide for their proven performance and history of leadership among fuel and oil distributors. The partners include: Boncosky Oil Company, which is headquartered in Chicago; Commercial Ullman Lubricants Company of Ohio; Lubricant Technologies, which is active in North and South Carolina, and Georgia; and Young Oil Company of Florida.
About PetroLiance®
PetroLiance®, a lubricants distributor, was formed in 2006 through the consolidation of four heritage companies: Boncosky Oil Company of Chicago, Commercial Ullman Lubricants Company of Ohio, Lubricant Technologies LLC of North Carolina, and Young Oil Company Inc. of South Florida. As a leader among fuel and oil distributors, the company offers ExxonMobil products along with a growing array of ancillary products and services. For more information, call 877-738-7699.
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