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Metalworking & Manufacturing Lubricants from PetroLiance

Profitability in manufacturing means productivity.  And productivity means your equipment must run smoothly.  To meet deadlines and remain competitive you must minimize equipment downtime.  We can help.

PetroLiance offers a full suite of products and services designed to build a custom lubrication program to increase productivity, improve product quality, and enhance equipment reliability.  Our industry expertise ensures your equipment will receive the proper lubrication to operate at the highest efficiency.  And because we are familiar with all aspects of manufacturing, we ensure the compatibility of the lubricants with the metalworking fluids. 
PetroLiance represents the premier manufacturers of lubricants and metalworking fluids.  
The Mobil Industrial Lubricant program is the standard for the manufacturing industry.  As the #1 industrial lubricant supplier, Mobil products are preferred and endorsed by more OEMs than any other brand.  Partnered with world class metalworking fluids from Houghton, Quaker Chemical, and Mobil ensure that we can select the optimal slate of products for your individual operation.  
In addition, PetroLiance has developed a proprietary line of lubricants and metalworking fluids designed to meet the most demanding applications under the Medallion Plus brand.  And for those companies with corporate sustainability goals, our Medallion Plus Horizon brand offers similar performance using re-refined base oils.
Partnering with PetroLiance means you’ll always have the support you need:
  • PetroLiance Sales Representatives and Technical Support Staff – On-site guidance for product application, technical support, equipment troubleshooting, system inspections, and proactive monitoring to ensure you maximize the benefits from our products and services.
  • Manufacturer Technical Support – Engineers from Mobil, Houghton, and Quaker are available by phone or online to provide assistance and advice for your facility
  • Manufacturer Field Engineering Services – Professional advice on sound lubrication practices and optimizing lubricant performances (consult PetroLiance for availability in your area).
  • Oil Analysis programs – Monitor lubricant and equipment condition to increase equipment life and reduce maintenance cost.  PetroLiance will develop custom analysis programs to monitor condition of coolants or other water soluble products.