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Marine & Aviation

PetroLiance is proud to represent Mobil oil products - the global leader in high quality aviation and marine lubricants.

Mobil’s history in aviation lubricants can be traced back to 1903 when the Wright brothers made aviation history and their plane’s four cylinder engine was lubricated by Mobiloil.  That innovative spirit continues as Mobil is recognized as a leader in aviation lubricants.  Backed by a team of global lubrication experts, Mobil aviation lubricants are regarded as the highest performing in the industry:
  • Jet Oils – Mobil Jet Oil II, Mobil Jet Oil 254
  • Piston Engine – Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20w50
  • Hydraulic Oils – Exxon HyJet V
  • Greases – Mobilgrease 33, Mobilgrease 28, Mobil Aviation Grease SHC
Mobil has supplied the marine industry with high performance lubricants and technical solutions for over 100 years.  Today, Mobil is developing products designed to ensure efficient and reliable operation of marine equipment helping ship owners meet their business goals.  These include the latest technology addressing the marine industries sustainability goals to address environmental and emission issues.   Mobilgard is Mobil’s flagship marine engine oil that delivers the following benefits:
  • Extended oil and equipment life
  • Reduced equipment maintenance and replacement
  • Reduced disposal of waste
  • Energy efficiency
Contact your local PetroLiance representative to learn more about Mobil’s aviation and marine products and the benefits you can expect.