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Mobil, Houghton, Quaker, JAX, AirBlueFluids & Graco Distributor

Partnering with the World’s Leading Brands

PetroLiance is proud to be associated with industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of lubricants, fuels, metalworking fluids, and other related products.  We believe PetroLiance is unsurpassed in the range of quality products available to our customers.  Products and applications can be referenced in this section or click for a complete product list.

Mobil Distributor

Mobil is the recognized leader in the research, development and manufacturing high technology performance lubricants.  Mobil products are endorsed by more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) than any other lubricant brand.  Leading global brands include Mobil 1, DTE hydraulic oils, and Delvac 1300 Super.

Houghton Distributor

Houghton serves the metalworking, automotive and steel industries with the highest quality specialty chemicals, oils, and lubricants.  Houghton’s technical expertise has led to the development on innovative technologies designed to help customers improve productivity and reduce costs.  

Quaker Distributor

Leveraging their global position, Quaker Chemical is a leader in the development and innovation of specialty chemicals and metalworking fluids.  Quaker’s team approach insures customers select the appropriate products and are supported by field process engineers insuring lower total cost.

JAX Distributor

Jax pioneered the development of food grade USDA lubricants and today offers the most comprehensive line of products specifically designed for food processing.  With over 200 USDA approved conventional and synthetic products, Jax technology protects manufacturing equipment and the nation’s food supply. 

Air Blue Fluids Distributor

Air Blue Fluids is one of the leading brands of high purity Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) required by SCR systems present on late model trucks.  Air Blue Fluid has created a strong supply chain which insures our customers secure their DEF requirements in the most economical manner.  

Graco Distributor

Graco is the industry leader in the innovation and manufacture of fluid handling and dispensing equipment including pumps, nozzles, hose reels, and meters.  Graco equipment stands up to the rigors of the lubrication service industry providing years of dependable, trouble free operation.

Oil Dri is a leading developer and manufacturer of oil absorbent products.  Their extensive mining operations and processing plants provide a cost effective product to insure cleanliness and safety in manufacturing and equipment servicing operations.

In addition, PetroLiance has formulated a proprietary line of custom lubricants, metalworking fluids, antifreeze, and cleaners.  You’ll find these to be exceedingly high quality products, meeting all of the latest requirements and specifications, at competitive price points.  

Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Bio-Diesel


Antifreeze / Coolant

Oil Analysis Services

Floor Cleaners and Degreasers