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Update On the New PetroLiance Cleveland Facility

Progress on the new facility has been proceeding quickly. As Director of Operations & Safety for PetroLiance, Sean Largent has overseen the move and all that has been involved in setting Sean Largentup the new facility. He says, "PetroLiance is aggressively working towards completing a move to our new facility in Brooklyn, Ohio. The move will be complete in the very near future and we are looking forward to being in our new building."

Getting the new facility ready has included the installation of new tanks, pumps and piping. The results of all this work are substantial new benefits. Largent says, "There will be a number of exciting improvements at our new facility, including being able to park our trucks inside - a great benefit in the winter. Along those same lines, we will be able to offload our railcars in a sheltered, safer environment which I know our operations staff will truly appreciate. Our new facility was designed with safety and efficiencty in mind and we are extremely pleased with the outcome."

The new facility is scheduled to open in early May. See the pictures below to follow the progress.

tanks with man for scale PetroLiance Clevelandinterior PetroLiance Clevelandwall of tanks PetroLiance Clevelandtanks and piping PetroLiance Clevelandtanks and piping side PetroLiance Clevelandrail entrance PetroLiance Cleveland