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Paper & Pulp

Maximizing productivity and optimizing equipment reliability are the driving force behind successful pulp and paper operations.  Operating under the most severe conditions at high speeds and high steam temperatures, your equipment is under a lot of pressure.  
Maintaining this equipment requires a comprehensive lubrication program which includes high performing, long life lubricants and a well designed condition monitoring service.  Industry leaders have relied on the Mobil Industrial Lubricants program to take their operation to the highest level.  Mobil’s full family of supreme-performing synthetic lubricants and greases are designed to stay on the job significantly longer than conventional mineral oils.  
Mobil products are supported by global builder approvals and proven field performance.  These products are serviced by a trained staff of sales representatives and field engineers.  From bearings to gears, circulating systems to grease fittings, we understand your equipment and what it takes to keep it operating.
Increase your plant’s productivity, enhance equipment reliability, and lower total cost of ownership with a comprehensive lubrication program designed by PetroLiance and Mobil.