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There are many factors to consider when comparing petroleum distributors.  Brands, comprehensive product line (one-stop shop), ease of doing business, the ability to meet delivery expectations and requirements, the attitude and helpfulness of their staff, quality control systems, and pricing.  PetroLiance competes favorably in all of these categories.
Where PetroLiance really steps away from the pack of other petroleum distributors is technical and engineering support.  PetroLiance sales engineers are the best trained in the business.  In fact, almost 50% of our industrial sales staff are STLE Certified Lubricant Specialists, the highest industry standard.  In addition, we have our own in-house Technical Services Department to support our customers.   This department specializes in manufacturing, metalworking, off highway equipment, and trucking.
PetroLiance is supported by our manufacturer’s lubricant and chemical engineers which include Mobil, Houghton, Quaker Chemical, and Jax.
From implementing a complete lubrication program, to troubleshooting an equipment problem, to a component failure root cause analysis – our Technical Services Department will support and improve your operation.
Read a brief description of a sampling of custom services we provide in these pages below: