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Mobil Automotive Lubricants for Quick Lube & Installers from PetroLiance

The professional automotive installer business now services more than 50% of all oil changes – and that number is growing.  It is a highly competitive business where success requires you to operate efficiently and to distinguish yourself from the competition.  PetroLiance offers the brands and programs that will allow you to successfully market your business based on your business strategy.


PetroLiance is proud to be able to support Mobil’s automotive installer programs featuring the worlds best selling synthetic motor oil – Mobil 1.
Mobil 1 Lube Express is our premier branded program providing an excellent opportunity to leverage the Mobil 1 brand and industry’s synthetic growth. The Mobil 1 Lube Express program features national promotions, access to Mobil’s Performance Academy training resource, operations manuals, benchmarking opportunities, and signage as well as local marketing and sales support.  Of the existing quick lubes that converted to the Mobil 1 Lube Express program, 79% reported improved profitability. 
Mobil Autocare is our mid-tier program which provides the needed tools for installers wanting to leverage the Mobil brand, products, promotions and training while keeping their own business name.

Medallion Plus / Medallion Plus Horizon

Medallion Plus is a custom formulated, premium PetroLiance brand. Made from a blend of synthetic and conventional base oils, Medallion Plus is a fully licensed API certified motor oil providing outstanding engine protection at very competitive prices and is back by a performance warranty.
Medallion Plus Horizon is an API licensed motor oil manufactured from re-refined base stock. Horizon undergoes the same performance testing and certification as our Medallion Plus brand. ‘Going Green’ allow installers to distinguish themselves in the market resulting in business growth and customer loyalty.
Our automotive experts will work with each business owner to develop the appropriate business strategy for their individual market and work to execute that strategy for success.