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Component Problem Solving

Heavy Equipment owners need to maximize machinery component life to provide the lowest cost per hour to operate production equipment. Some components tend to have shorter service life due to application, overloading, severe operating temperatures, design, improper lubrication, and many others. Temperature extremes and overloading on components due to severe application are very common in heavy equipment and can shorten expected service life by as much as 50%. Unfortunately, many equipment operators do not have sufficient manpower or on-site technologies for the efficient identification and service improvements to correct severe duty components.

PetroLiance works with equipment operators to identify and take immediate corrective measures to improve poor performing equipment components. Utilizing latest technology in diagnostic equipment, our specialists can rapidly locate and document equipment hot spots, detect high vibration values, evaluate poor used oil analysis results, and perform failure analysis. Photographic documentation and recommendations for corrective action complete the service for each compartment, machine, and job-site.

In many cases, thousands of dollars can be saved simply by changing/upgrading lubricant types or brands, replacing a gasket or seal, installing alternative filtration, improving ventilation, etc. By clearly documenting the problem areas that have the greatest adverse impact on operations, maintenance managers can direct their limited resources to those areas of greatest concern. Maximizing equipment and component service life, lowering total cost to operate, and maximizing productivity is crucial to successful operation.