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Oil Analysis

Laboratory analysis of used lubricating oils is a proven technology that saves millions every year. As such, it has become an important component of most equipment maintenance programs. Unfortunately, many operators are unable to use this tool effectively and gain little benefit from their time and expense in conducting oil analysis.

PetroLiance will help you to select and use appropriate oil analysis tools consistent with your equipment, operating conditions, and objectives. Our specialists design a program to ensure the data provided is timely and useful in addressing practical concerns. More importantly, we organize and analyze the data from hundreds of samples to identify practices or trends that adversely affect the lubrication of your equipment. With a wide selection of contract and supplier programs, we can help you to select the program and procedures that will achieve the greatest results with the least expenditure of time and money.

When oil analysis is designed, conducted, and supported properly, it can be an extremely valuable tool in preventing equipment failures, extending lubricant service, improving productivity, and extending equipment life.