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Sustainability = Good Business and Huge Savings

At the Cleveland facility, thanks to Clarence Kutscher, Sustainability = Huge Savings!
Winters are long and cold in Cleveland and the facility boilers heat the offices, warehouse, and tanks to keep the lubricants flowing.  Normally the boilers would run on natural gas, but modifications have been made to the boilers by Cleveland maintenance that allow them to burn the used oil collected by PetroLiance from a number of its Cleveland customers as fuel.  
Clarence has made further modifications and adjustments to the heat exchangers that eliminated the need to use a diesel fuel booster mixed with the used oil in the boilers.  This process is effective, but sensitive, and Clarence stays on call 24/7 to ensure smooth operations.  
Through these modifications and personal efforts, our bottom line sees about $193,000/year in natural gas savings, and an additional savings of about $40,000 by eliminating the need for 13,000 gallons/year in diesel fuel.  Our safe collection and proper handling of the on-spec used oil prevents improper disposal and possible environmental contamination.
The program also resulted in profitable new lube business, as surplus used oil collected but not needed by PetroLiance is sold as fuel to a large industrial customer.
This is a real reduction in the use of natural resources, a tremendous sustainable cost savings, and good product stewardship.
Great work!!
Clarence Kutscher working on a boiler
Clarence Kutscher, Cleveland Operations Supervisor, working on Boiler #3



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