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Sustainability by Design

PetroLiance SustainabilityAt PetroLiance, sustainability is not a fad or a bandwagon to jump on. Since our inception, we have embraced and practiced a sustainable business model as a core strategic objective. PetroLiance has developed and implemented comprehensive programs to protect the environment, ensure worker safety, reduce waste, and minimize our carbon footprint. Our training and professional development programs ensure that every PetroLiance employee understands and practices the proper procedures to ensure safe and efficient handling of the products and services we provide. We are proud of the fact that PetroLiance handles tens of millions of gallons of petroleum products every year and our environmental and safety record is impeccable.  
PetroLiance has invested heavily in our facilities and equipment to ensure we meet and exceed the most stringent guidelines and regulations. In addition, we have installed new routing and systems technology to improve our delivery efficiency allowing us to deliver more product while reducing total miles driven and lowering fuel consumption.    
But PetroLiance’s most significant contributions involve the sustainability achievements conveyed to our customers.  Our products, services and programs have allowed our customers to reduce consumption, save energy, increase equipment life, protect the environment, and reduce costs. Our Sustainable Solutions Program is customized to deliver:
  • Longer Oil Life – reduce consumption and lower costs
  • Energy Savings / Fuel Economy – both industrial equipment and vehicles
  • Environmentally Aware Lubricants – optimum performance in sensitive areas
  • Extended Equipment Life – conveyed thru products combined
    with engineering services
  • On site recycling – clean and refresh used plant lubricants for reuse
  • Medallion Plus Horizon Lubricants – high performance using top
    quality re-refined base oil
Whether you manage an industrial plant, operate a construction company, or provide vehicle repair services, PetroLiance can provide the right products and services to meet your sustainability objectives, lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.  Its just good business.  


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